5 Reasons Photographers Should Use E-mail Marketing

Did you know that 77% of people prefer to get permission based promotional messages via e-mail versus direct mail, text, phone or even social media? 

That's why if you aren’t using email marketing to promote your photography business, you’re truly missing out.  When it comes to marketing your photography business most people don't realize how important e-mail marketing is. It's the one thing that set my apart from my competition in my photography business. 

Here are my top 5 reasons why I believe you should incorporate e-mail marketing into your photography business:

1) It's targeted.  With e-mail marketing you always know exactly who you're reaching and you have the ability to segment your list if you're only looking to reach a specific segment.  For example if you photography several different genres of photography such as Newbornsand Seniorsyou don't want to be sending the same e-mail message across the board to all your clients... unless it is a general e-mail newsletterto inform them what's going on in your photography business that month. 

2) It's measurable.  If you've got the proper e-mail marketing tools in place you can keep a close eye on your campaign stats and optimize future campaigns for better return on your investment. 

3) It's affordableE-mail marketing is one of the most affordable ways to engage with your customers on a regular basis. Think about how much it costs to send an e-mail versus sending out a direct mail piece. Plus, you don't have to pay extra for customers to see your message like you do on social media platforms such as Facebook.  If you send an e-mail and you notice it wasn't viewed by some of your contacts you can send it again.  Some e-mail marketing service providers have this as an automated feature. 

4) You'll stand out.  Like I said earlier, e-mail marketing was one of the things that helped me stand out from my competition.   Surprisingly enough, many photographers aren't currently taking advantage of e-mail marketing.  This is the ideal opportunity for you to take advantage of this effective marketing tactic to stand out from your competitors. 

5) You own your list.  Unlike social media where you don't have any control over your fans and followers, once a customer subscribes to your e-mail list, you own their contact info and can market them for years to come. 

The right e-mail marketing tools and an attractive opt-in form are all you need to start promoting your photography business, engagement with customers, and increasing your sales every single month. 

If you need help knowing what to write in your e-mails you can check out my Bundle of 21 Pre-Written Photographer E-mails. 


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