why your photography business needs a blog

More and more wedding photographers are actively running blogs on their websites, including well known photographers such as Katelyn James, and Jasmine Star. So why is it important for wedding photographers to have blogs?

As a wedding photographer, your clients are including you in a very special and personal day in their lives. They’re trusting you to capture moments throughout the day that they’ll treasure forever, which is why the more they can get to know you, the more they’ll trust you and want to hire you.

Top 3 reasons to have a wedding photography blog

  1. Educate your clients. Brides are always on the lookout for tips and information that will help make their day as perfect as possible. A blog gives you the chance to educate potential clients and might even get them thinking about extras such as engagement sessions, bridal portraits and day after shoots, providing you with great up-selling opportunities. Imagine how much better your clients’ weddings would flow if you’ve already educated them on things such as how to pose, the first look, the cake cutting and how to get family members together for formal photos.
  1. Showcase your work. Running a blog ensures that you’re always updating your website with your latest work. Use your photos in your blog posts to demonstrate ideas, poses, and tips and showcase your work at the same time. This also gives potential clients a better idea of your shooting style and what they can expect if they decide to hire you. Brides usually also share tips and ideas with friends, family, and their wedding party, offering you additional reach and opening the door to referrals.
  1. Search engine optimization. When someone searches for a wedding photographer in your area, you want your website to show up on the first page of Google and actively running a blog will increase your chances of ranking well, especially when you’re using keywords in your copy. Being present on platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat is also a great way to share your work and boost your online rankings but Instagram posts and comments fade and Snapchats disappear after 24 hours. Having a blog means you’ll be able to preserve your work and clients will always be able to find your content and portfolio.

Not only will a blog showcase your expertise but it will give you the opportunity to let your personality shine through. It will also give clients a good idea of what it’s like to work with you and ultimately help you connect with your ideal client.

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