Update your photography welcome guide template


1) Your Ideal Customer. Has the audience that you market to changed since your latest client welcome guide? Or have you started shooting a new niche or genre?

2) Your Photography Style. Has your photography style changed any since your last client welcome guide? Maybe you started out shooting more traditional and now you shoot lifestyle images. Or maybe you went from the posed look to un-posed and natural, from indoor portraits to on location shoots or vice versa?

3) Your Photos. Since your last client welcome guide have you shot any new sessions that really stand out… you know, the ones where your clients look like they just walked off the cover of a magazine? Or maybe you’ve shot at a popular location that would appeal to higher end clients if that is your target market.

4) Your Products. Since your last client welcome guide have any of your product offerings changed? Have you added new products in the mix or stopped offering certain products? Are there products no longer available by a certain vendor or perhaps they’ve substituted it out for a different product?

5) Pricing. Pricing in your photography business. Have your prices changed? Have your product prices changed, have you increased your hourly rate, session fee or maybe even changed your pricing structure?

6) Trends. Have any trends changed since your last client welcome guide? It’s important that the photos you feature in your marketing material reflect the latest trends and seasons. Prospective clients like to see themselves within the photos. Some trends in the photography industry also change including niches. Personal Branding Photography is one niche that is trending for 2018. Or if you’re a wedding photographer you know how quickly trends in the wedding industry change, from wedding colors, to hair styles and even the styles of dresses. It’s important to make sure your photos reflect brides or clients that are current with the trends.

7) Branding. Since your last welcome guide have your updated your business name, logo or colors? Or maybe you changed your fonts? It’s important to ensure that your marketing material is also updated so that your brand is consistent across all client touch points.

8) Client Testimonials.Client testimonials and reviews are such an important part of marketing your photography business. Have you received any new testimonials lately that you want to include in your welcome guide?

9) You’ve changed. If you’re using a profile photo in any of your marketing materials, make sure it still looks like you. Or maybe you didn’t have a professional photo of yourself when you created your welcome guide and you need to add it.

10) Your just need something new… Is your current welcome packet working for you? Is your welcome packet helping you book more photography clients? Do you feel like you need something new to take your marketing to the next level? Maybe your welcome packet currently consists of a folder of several pages and you want a magazine style guide. Or maybe you need new articles for your welcome packet.

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