52 Blog Post Ideas for Photographers

52 Photography blog post ideas

In a saturated, competitive photography industry, blogging on a regular basis is so important. It helps you stand out from your competition, helps you position yourself as an expert, helps get your website found online, and increases the chances of new client bookings. 

In addition, once you have great content on your blog you can re-share it to Facebook, Instagram and to your e-mail list. 

A lot of photographers don't really know what to blog about as a photographer.  They have a difficult time brainstorming photography blog content ideas or photography topics. If you're a family photographer and this sounds like you, the pre written blog posts for photographers subscription will help you and save you a lot of time.  If you're a wedding photographer, don't worry, there's a blog post subscription plan for you too! Blogging on a consistent basis sends positive signals to search engines which increases your chances of your ideal client finding your website and eventually booking you as their photographer. 

In fact, a study conducted by HubSpot showed that companies who blogged received 55% more traffic to their website and had 434% more pages indexed by search engines than companies who didn’t.

Coming up with photography blog content ideas every week can be daunting.  You would probably rather be shooting instead of sitting at a blank computer screen trying to figure out what to write. If this sounds like you, here are 50 blog post ideas for your photography business.

52 FREE Photography Blog Post Ideas

52 photography blog post ideas

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Photography Blog Ideas:

1) Choosing Props for Your Photography Session
2) Finding the Perfect Location for Your Shoot
3) Tips for Beautiful Fall or Winter Photos
4) Tips for Making a Photoshoot with Children Easier
5) A Guide to Professional Photo Restrictions
6) Alternatives to Displaying Your Photos
7) Surviving a Family Photoshoot
8) Unique Photo Session Ideas You're Going to Love
9) Choosing the Best Camera for Your Child
10) How to Choose a Professional Photographer 
11) Top Tips for a Senior Photoshoot 
12) Why Your Photographer Loves What They Do
13) Questions You Should Be Asking Your Photographer
14) All About Themed Photo Sessions
15) Tips for Gorgeous Outdoor Photos
16) What to Wear to your Photo Session
17) How to Always Look Fantastic in Photos
18) How to Prepare for a Photo Session with Your Pet
19) Tips to Prepare for Your Maternity Photo Session
20) Why You Need a Mommy and Me Photo Session
21) Creative Gender Reveal Photoshoot Ideas
22) A Guide to a Headshot Session
23) Lifestyle Photography Sessions Explained
24) Why You Should Hire a Professional Photographer
25) Choosing the Best Location for Your Family Photo Session
26) Tips for Photographing Your Kids
27) Why Your Photographer Charges Their Prices
28) Daddy and Me Photo Session Ideas
29) Creative Family Photo Session Ideas
30) Get Creative with Your Portrait Session
31) Prop Ideas for Your Family Session
32) A Guide to Vacation Photos
33) Four Photo Craft Projects Your Kids Will Love
34) Ideas for Capturing the First Day of School
35) Why Your Photos Need to Be Printed by a Pro
36) Alternatives to Boring School Photos
37) 5 Ways to Personalize Your Family Photos
38) How to Look Thinner in Photos
39) Tips for Taking a Selfie
40) Why Your Photographer Won't Give You the RAW Files
41) Key Elements of a Beautiful Photo
42) Mini Session vs. Custom Photography 
43) Tips for Taking Photos Indoors
44) What to Expect During Your Baby's Cake Smash Session
45) Photos That All Parents Need of Their Children
46) Location Ideas for Your Child's Photo Shoot
47) Why You Should Meet with Your Photographer After the Session
48) Style Tips for Your Photo Session
49) How to Organize Your Photos<50) Tips for Stress Free Photos of Your Children
51) Tips to Get Over Your Photoshoot Jitters
52) 7 Life Events that Require a Professional Photographer

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ishi nora
ishi nora

February 02, 2022

Great ideas! Thanks for sharing

Hochzeitsfotograf Kirill Brusilovsky
Hochzeitsfotograf Kirill Brusilovsky

February 02, 2022

Thanks for sharing your ideas! Creative writing is really pain in the *ss for many photographers, but it is important.
I am wondering, what is the sense of buying pre-written content in terms of SEO, if (possibly) the same content would appear on multiple websites? But in therms of engagement with the clients, I guess, it is awesome anyway.

Professional Photographer
Professional Photographer

March 21, 2022

Thank you for the article. Very informative post.

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Visit our website: https://photoluxcommercialstudio.com/

Laura C
Laura C

June 28, 2020

Hi im just starting on my blog the ideas you gave were great it helped get me started im still hammwring out details before i publish it cuz im still building it.Just needed a few ideas to start my posts


June 28, 2020

Love these ideas and lot of things to learn photography Blog Things You Need To Know While You Are In The Photography Business


December 10, 2018

I really loved some of the ideas shared here. Will use them in my
photography blog!

Meg B
Meg B

April 14, 2018

Thank you for these ideas! I keep saying I am going to start a blog but put it off…this will help get my creative jucies flowing!


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