Valentine's Day Mini Session Ideas

Valentine's Day Mini Sessions: Ideas for Valentine's Day Pictures

If you're looking for Valentine's Day Photoshoots, look no further! I've selected ten of my favorites that were submitted.  Creating a themed photo shoot doesn't have to be difficult.  Choosing the right props can make a huge difference in your images. And they don't have to be expensive either.  Let's take a look at the ones below:

1.  Smarties Hearts Candies Sessions

Smarties hearts candies are such a classic at Valentine’s Day, and this photo titled "Laugh" by Stefanie Politi Photography is adorable with the heart positioned in this cute boy’s mouth. I love that it says “laugh” because you can see the laughter in his eyes.

valentine's day mini session ideas

2.  Sibling Love

I love this photo by Shelly Sims. It's great for siblings, cousins or even friends!

Valentine's Theme Mini Sessions


This photo by Wendy Carr is so sweet. I love the seriousness of the children's faces and how she has positioned their hands and arms.

valentines day mini session ideas

3.  Rain Boots and Umbrellas Mini Sessions

Niki Renee Photography submitted this great photo of red boots with white hearts. What a great contrast against the black cement. And I love the extra special touch of the snowball that is almost in the shape of a heart.

valentines day mini session

4.  Be My Valentine Sessions

Mary Lou Myers from LuLuBelle Photography submitted this fun image. I love how she decked out the set in Valentine's Day props and kept the background a neutral light grey. The banner in the back that says “Be Mine” makes it complete. It looks like it is a chalkboard banner which is even better because you can use this for multiple holidays and special occasions.

valentines day mini sessions

5.  Suspenders and Bowties

This photo by Susi Darr of YouSee Photography is simply adorable. I love how the little boy is holding on to his suspenders. And I especially love how she has the background blurred but you can still tell that they are hearts.

valentine's day mini session


6.  Let's Go Shopping!

If you don't want to set up backdrops or don't have a studio, take them shopping and use backdrops set up at the mall or other public places.

This photo by Erin from Erin Kata Photography is so fun because of all the bold bright colors. I like how the little girl’s eyes are peeking through the shopping cart. It looks like she is right in the “heart” of the Valentine’s Day aisle and at one of my favorite stores. Again I love how the subject is in focus and everything else is blurred in the background, but you can still tell they are shopping in the Valentine's candy aisle!

valentines day mini session ideas

7.  Hugs and Kisses

Kelsey from Kelsey Anderson Photography also incorporates the lipstick kiss on the cheek of this beautiful baby and a strand of pearls. I like how she added a heart graphic overlay on this little one’s “bum.”

valentines day mini session

This one was submitted by Laura from Laura Denise Photography. This little baby has beautiful blue eyes. I love how this was shot close up and how he has different shades of kisses all over his face.

valentines day mini session

8.  Romantic Couples Photoshoot

This photo comes from Sugar Cookies in Italy… featuring two sweethearts, heart-shaped balloons, and a red vespa highlighting rich deep-red, blue, and bright colors.

valentines day mini session

9.  Pretty in Pink Sessions

This pretty-in-pink sweetheart has the perfect look in her champagne tulle skirt and soft pink cardigan from Nordstrom while her guy is dressed in a sharp suit from Express. Her hair was styled by Serenza Salon and Spa. Photo featured by Emily Louise Photography. 

valentines day mini session


10. Cozy At-Home Sessions:

Capture the intimacy of love by conducting cozy at-home mini sessions. Encourage couples to choose their favorite spots at home, whether it's the kitchen, living room, or even the backyard. This idea allows for authentic and personal moments, creating a collection of images that reflect the unique love shared by each couple.Valentine's Day photoshoots can be for families too! Consider offering photography mini sessions  that focus on capturing the bond between parents and their children, or the love between siblings. 

11.  Puppy Love Playdate

Pet photographers, this one is for you!  Extend the love to furry friends by organizing mini sessions centered around pets. Encourage couples to bring their dogs (or cats) for a playful photoshoot. Capture the genuine connection between couples and their four-legged companions, creating memories that showcase the bond of love in its many forms. 

12.  Galentine's Day Glamour
Celebrate friendship and female empowerment by offering Galentine's Day mini sessions. Encourage groups of friends to come together for a day of laughter, fun, and a glamorous photoshoots. This inclusive theme allows for a celebration of all types of love, not just romantic.


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