Using the Senior Magazine Template as a Graduation Announcement

The graduation announcement is perfect for clients that are looking for something with a practical use. Not only does the Senior Graduation Magazine include pictures and articles written by the graduate, it also includes a graduation announcement that can be utilized as an invitation.

Insert your senior's photo on the cover with their name and the headline “{Insert student’s name} is Graduating.” Inside the student can write a “Letter from the Editor”, and a Q&A with the graduate. Any graduate with extended family in different parts of the country would love to receive this in the mail. It presents a great opportunity for up-selling!  Pictures of the graduate are featured throughout the magazine and in spreads behind the articles.

And bonus - the back cover is an ad for your business, so anyone who receives it will know exactly who took all the beautiful photos inside! Since they will keep it as a memento, and pass it around to all of their family and friends, your ad will be seen by an innumerable amount of potential clients.

To sell this magazine, peak their interest with a digital version. Once you purchase the template, the digital versions are free. Take two minutes to pop in their best photos on the cover and show it off when they come into to the studio for their session review.  Your senior will be so excited to see their photo on the cover.  Plus, this will help increase your bottom line. 


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