3 Photography Marketing Tips for Fall Mini Sessions

Photography Marketing Tips for Fall Mini Sessions

Just like that, summer is over and fall is in the air.

Fall is one of the most popular times of the year, particularly for photo sessions. The beautiful fall colors make for some of the best photo backdrops, which is why this is an ideal time to offer mini sessions.

Now is the perfect time to start marketing your photography mini sessions so here are a few tips to help you along.

  1. Use mini sessions to get people through the door

Remember, the main goal of your mini session shouldn’t be the revenue that you’ll generate from it. To really benefit from your mini session, see it as a way to get people through the door so that you can upsell them using extras such as prints, albums, and additional shoots. Make your marketing message as appealing as possible so that people won’t want to miss out.

  1. Rope in your current clients 

Word of mouth marketing is incredibly powerful so why not get your current clients to help you spread the word about your fall mini sessions. To make your customers more willing to help, offer them a special on their next session or offer to throw in something extra like a free print.

  1. Create a theme

People love themes and it will make your fall mini sessions even more appealing. Creating a theme also gives you more control over certain aspects such as the location. For example, why would someone come to your studio to shoot a portrait when they’ve already shot a fall mini session there? Fortunately, there are so many great ideas that you can use for a fall shoot that works really well at an outdoor location. Think large fields, golden and bronze leaves, and everything else that screams fall. Remember, this mini session is a sampling so choose your theme carefully.

Bonus Tip: Now that you got your clients through the door, don’t forget to follow up with them to find out whether they would be interested in another photo session.



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