Blogging for Photographers: 3 Simple Blogging Tips to Save You Time

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Blogging for your photography business, wedding photography business or wedding planning business requires content, and creating that content can be a huge burden on you as a business owner, especially if you're pressed for time. 

So to help you out I want to share a simple blogging shortcut you can use to get more content without all the work.  It's the shortcut of repurposing. 

There are lots of ways you can do this.

1) Repurpose Your Welcome Guide

Take content from any of the welcome guides you may have and simply post it on your blog.

2) Tweak Existing Content

Take any existing blog posts or content you already have and change it up to make it new.  For example, you might have a Facebook live video that you can transcribe into text or an email or social media post that you can add on to to make it into a blog post.  

3) Go with the Done-For-You Option

If you want to save even more time you can choose from any of these pre-written blog posts subscriptions below and I'll send you ready to go blog posts each month.  Click on the one that best describes you!

High School Senior Photographer 

Family Photographer 

Personal Brand Photographer 

Wedding Photographer 

Wedding Planner or Professional 

4) Bonus Tip: Get More Mileage Out of Your Blog Posts

If you want to get even more mileage out of your blog posts, you can repurpose any of the blog posts from the subscriptions above into social media posts and emails simply by sharing a  snippet of the post and linking back to the content on your blog.  

I hope these tips have been helpful and given you ideas that will help save you time. If you're looking for more on blogging, check out this post that will give you tips on how to get more traffic to your blog post. 

3 blog posts to save time in your photography business

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