Teaching Photography: How Courtney Used the Curriculum to Teach Photography

Teaching Photography Interview with Courtney

How This Photographer Used The Photography Lessons to Make Over $1K from Just One Class.

Meet Courtney who is a Newborn Photographer from Massachusetts. She is sharing how she used the lesson plans for teaching photography in her newborn photography business to bring in additional income. 

Teaching Photography Interview with Courtney


Cindy: Which curriculum did you start with and how did you use it? 

Courtney: I used the regular DSLR camera photography curriculum a few years ago. And I've used that multiple times.  It's awesome to have because it's done for you.  It's great because I just keep the files on my computer and print out the pages. I mean, it's obviously stuff that we know, but it's just organized in a way that you can look over it before you start your class. It's something for the students to take away too, after you go over it in class.

Cindy: What location did you use for teaching photography classes? 

Courtney: I taught one class outdoors and it was a hit. Once I got a studio, I taught the rest of my classes in the studio.  

Cindy: How much did you charge for the photography classes?

Courtney:  I charged $125, and then the recent ones that I did in studio were $175 per student. 

Cindy: How many students did you have in each class?

Courtney:  I limited it to six because I felt like I was able to give a little more one-on-one experience.  You can definitely have more, but for me, I just felt like having two separate classes and have six in each class. I actually filled up each class every time.

Teach Photography class


Cindy: Did you do anything unique with your classes? 

Courtney:  I had different titles for the classes.  For example, I had one  called "Moms and Memories" I had bagels and stuff for them. I took some behind the scenes photos. I created a FB group for afterwards if they needed to ask questions or if they wanted to post photos.

Cindy: How long was the class? 

Courtney:  It was 2 hours.

Cindy:  How did you find students? Did you email your current clients or did you run an ad on Facebook?

Courtney: I did both. I sent an email to my current clients.  I did a little Facebook ad. I think I may have boosted it a little bit for engagement, but I had no problem filling up the class. I used the graphics that you give us, put my website, my name in there and just blasted an email.

Cindy: Tell me about your experience Teaching Smartphone Photography Online.

Courtney:  I did offer the first class as a mini one. I said, okay, let me offer a mini one and I'll do that for free and then get feedback. It was awesome. I had so many emails of people who wanted the full photography class who heard about the mini class.  So I'm already setting up another one. 

Cindy: What platform did you use to teach the online photography class? 

Courtney: I used zoom. Zoom so I could  screen share.  I didn't show my face at all for that, because I was mainly just sharing the slides that I was presenting to them.

Cindy: How long was the online class? 

Courtney: I had content that went for about 30 to 40 minutes and then I left it open for questions. And again,  I minimized it from the regular content that you provide because it was the mini course. I think offering them a little something got a lot of people engaged who want the full course. The full version is already in high demand, especially from the ones who took the mini class. 

Cindy: Thank you Courtney for sharing your experience teaching photography!

Teach Photography Lessons

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