photography marketing tips for getting visitors to your blog

Photography Marketing Tips: 5 Ways to Get Visitors to Your Blog Posts

Blogging is a great way for marketing a photography business. Having valuable content on your blog and website can help establish you as the authority in your industry and set your business apart from your competition.  How do you get people to actually see your blog posts?

Here are my top 5 tips to get visitors to your blog posts. 

1) Photography Marketing Tip: Share Your Blog Post on Social Media

Whenever you post a new post on your blog, share the news about your new blog post on all of your social media platforms. Write a short comment about the post  that tells your readers what benefit they can expect to gain from checking it out.  

2) Photography Marketing Tip: Send out an E-mail to Your Most Recent Blog Post

The people most likely to comment on your blog and engage with your blog posts are your email subscribers, so encourage people to provide their email address.

Send out an automated email to your subscribers whenever you post new content. You can write a quick email message with a link to the new post in the message. This will get them to your blog to see the new content.   

3) Photography Marketing Tip: Link Your Blog Post to Your Instagram Bio 

Update your instagram profile so that it includes a link to your blog. Include a call-to-action telling your followers what benefits they can expect from reading your blog. You may even want to add a link to a particular post, such as something you consider your "start here" content or your most popular post.

4) Photography Marketing Tip: Use Keywords in Your Blog Posts

Keywords are super important in assuring that your blog gets found by your ideal clients and ideal readers. I tell photographers who sign up for the pre-written photographer blog post subscription to edit their posts according to their local keywords. If you've ever wondered how to find the appropriate keywords or wondered how to spy on your competition, check out this free training video I created on a FREE tool I use to look up keywords.  

5) Photography Marketing Tip: Share Your New Blog Posts on Your Instagram Stories

Whenever you have a new blog post simply upload an Instagram stories. You can even add a gif that says "new blog post" to your instagram story. It's a fun way to share your blog posts. 

photography marketing tips: 5 ways to get traffic to your blog by magazine mama

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