3 tips for teaching photography to moms


 Teaching Photography to Moms

Many moms pick up digital photography as a hobby after they have their first child and find themselves taking a ton of images. Some moms get frustrated at not being able to take clear images of their little ones as they grow up and want to learn how to simply take better photos and images. Offering a basic digital photography class to these moms can give your photography business a huge boost. If you are considering offering a momtography class here are a few tips and things you'll want to consider.  You can also check out this curriculum for teaching photography to moms to help you get started. 

  1. What photography equipment they should have.

One of the first things you can to cover teaching new mom photographers what equipment they should invest in. Discuss the type of camera, lens, tripod, lighting and other extras light reflectors that will help them make the best decision of what to purchase.

  1. How to properly use the equipment.

After going over the equipment you want to make sure they know how to use it properly. Most beginners fall into sticking with auto settings on their cameras simply because they don't understand how to use the other features. You'll want to teach them the difference between shooting in aperture, shutter, and manual settings so they can start using manual mode and take better images.

  1. Add a special touch with swag bags and goodies.

Depending on your class’s price point, consider adding extras such as swag bags, a catered lunch, a few delicious chocolates or door prizes. Not only is this a great way to make your class more special and enjoyable but it’s a great opportunity to get local vendors to sponsor the class and offer extra value to attendees. Adding that special touch to your class is also a good tactic for getting people to recommend your classes to family and friends.

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