7 Reasons Why You Need to Update Your Photography Welcome Guide

7 reasons to update your photography welcome packet

As a photographer, you need to keep your marketing material fresh and a welcome guide is an affordable way to do that. Welcome guides are a lot more affordable than they used to be so you can now order low minimum print quantities to save on costs.

Here are 7 reasons why you need to update your welcome guide:

  1. Your ideal client may change. The audience you marketed to at the beginning stages of your photography business is not necessarily the audience you’re targeting now. Your direction and focus might change over the years.
  2. Your photography style might change. As you grow as a photographer, your style may change and you shouldn’t be featuring images that speak to a past style.
  3. Your prices may change. As your business and experience grows, you may need to increase your prices. To save on welcome guide printing costs, rather don’t include a price list and rather insert a list of your most current prices on a separate page that you can print at your desktop. Another option is to only list your base prices and get customers to request a full price list from you.
  4. Product offerings may change. Sometimes, certain products that you were offering are no longer available from a vendor or they’ve substituted it out for a different product. You may also find that some products sell better than others and decide to remove some of your offerings.
  5. Trends change. It’s important to make sure that the photos you feature in your marketing material reflect the latest trends and seasons.
  6. Your branding might change. Many photographers decide to update their branding to reflect the audience they’re targeting so if you’ve also decided to update your business name, logo or colors, you need to ensure that your marketing material and welcome guide is updated too in order to keep your brand consistent across all touchpoints.
  7. You’ve changed. If you’re using a profile photo in any of your marketing material, make sure that it still looks like you.


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