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3 Ways to Use Pre-Written Photography Text in Your Photography Business

As a photographer you know how important content is in your photography business. Content in the form of photos, but also in the form of text. If you want to save time and streamline your marketing here are 3 ways you can use  Pre-Written Photography Articles in your photography business. 

1.  Add the pre-written text to your welcome guides.

When booking clients, welcome guides are key to leaving a good impression. Educating your client is also an important key step for making your photography sessions run smoothly for you AND your clients. Welcome guides come with pre-written text, but if you are a photographer that shoots multiple genres of photography, you may want to combine info for all the types of sessions you offer into one welcome guide. To do this simply choose which type of photography you offer from the list below. Then add some pages with the pre-written text. 

pre written photography articles

Newborn Photography

Family Photography

High School Senior Photography

Wedding Photography

Personal Brand Photography

Headshot Photography Pre-Written Text

2.  Use the pre-written text in your e-mails

Do you ever get stuck and wonder what you can email your list?  Simply copy and paste sections from the pre-written text into your e-mails.  Providing educational content and value to your clients and potential clients is a great way to nurture your e-mail list.  The more value you can give someone, the more they will trust you and your business. 

3.  Take the pre-written text and re-purpose it in your social media posts or videos. 

Social media and videos on social are very popular right now and not going away any time soon. You can take the pre-written text and re-purpose it into social media posts. Or you can choose to take one of the sections from one of the articles and talk about it in a short video for Instagram. 

I hope these tips have been helpful. How have you re-purposed the text in your business? Leave me a comment and let me know! 

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