Top 7 Photography Marketing Ideas for August

7 photography marketing ideas


Looking for some expert photography marketing ideas that are super simple to implement?  Here are my top 7 picks for what to do in August to get more clients.

1) Host Themed Photography Mini Sessions

Themed mini sessions are a great way to get people introduced to your photography business.  They are shortened sessions, so they fit easy with people's busy schedules.  They are generally less expensive than a custom session, so that is another selling point to get people thru the door. 

You can set aside a few hours on one specific day and host multiple sessions to maximize your time.  Then you can book those same customers with more expensive custom sessions at a later date.  It's a win-win for everyone. 

Mini sessions are best with a theme. It makes them fun to promote, plus the clients will need to come back for another non-themed session in the future. 

For the month of August a "Back to School" theme is a no-brainer.  Moms will love this theme for their kids.  Incorporate some cute props such as chalkboards, desks, globes, bulletin boards, etc...  

This theme is not only for kids, if you're a Personal Brand Photographer you can promote a themed back to school mini session too!  It might not fit for every brand, but a lot of brands may be doing back to school promos or blog posts so they will need photos to match. 

If you are planning to host mini sessions this month, follow these tips for a successful mini session event

back to school themed photography mini sessions

2) Offer a Back to School Promotion

Everyone loves a promotion.  A promotion doesn't always need to mean a discount on your products or services. You could make your promo into an added benefit or service.  It could be a buy one album get one 50% off, or a free item with "x" amount of purchase.  This doesn't have to be only for family photographers or kid photographers either. Do you have kids of your own? Celebrate that they are going back to school. Remember it's always good to tie in your personal story to your business to be more relatable to your clients. 

Or if you have college age kids (like me) that are going back to school, you can celebrate that too with a special promo. 

The next few ideas are going to be all about teaching photography because I know from experience that teaching photography classes is a great way to make money in the off seasons.  Plus, it's a great way to book clients indirectly too!

Teach Photography to Moms

3) Teach Photography to Moms

If you're not into the themed back to school mini sessions, then teaching basic digital photography to moms is another option. Remind the moms that they will need to know how to use their camera to get those best first day of school shots.   You could also consider teaching smartphone photography or iPhone photography.  Check these digital photography curriculum bundles and choose which one is the best fit. 

Teaching photography to moms is also a great way to earn extra income.  When the kids go back to school, moms will have more free time on their hands again and be looking for hobbies and social activities.  


4) Teach a Kids Photography Club

Teaching photography to kids is a lot of fun and very rewarding.  Sometimes schools will want parents to volunteer and share their expertise within an after school club setting.  This is what we did at our daughter's school.  We used this photography curriculum and taught an after school photography club.  We had so many sign ups that we had to have a waiting list and teach one the following semester too!  Here are my top tips for teaching a kids photography club

teach a kids photography club

5) Teach a Homeschool Photography Class

We all know that homeschool is more popular than ever these days and homeschool groups are always looking for teachers to teach extracurricular activities.  The best way to get started with this is to post inside a moms. Watch this interview with Leah where she shares how she used this curriculum to teach a homeschool photography class. 

teach homeschool photography

6) Book High School Senior Photography Sessions

With each new school year there is a new class of graduating high school seniors. If you haven't filled up your calendar yet, advertise the amount of spaces you have left for high school senior photo sessions.  There will likely be a lot of last minute seniors that haven't booked their session yet, and some that may have been out of town over the summer. August is the perfect time to fill in any spaces. Watch this video to see how this High School Senior Photographer uses photographywelcome guide templates to book high school senior photography clients. 

email marketing for photographers

7) Use Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the types of marketing that has the biggest return on investment. If you haven't started building your email list yet, you need to get started today!  Sending an email is easy, but a lot of photographers wonder what to send. You can send out an email directing someone back to your blog, a recent session or even to one of your social media posts to help it get more eyes on it.  If you want to save time you can get these pre-written email newsletters for August and simply copy and paste them. 


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