6 Things to Include in Your High School Senior Photography Welcome Guide

6 Things to Include in Your High School Senior Photography Welcome Magazine

Chances are, there are hundreds (if not thousands!) of graduating high school seniors within your community. So with graduation day less than 6 months away, now’s the time to start compiling your marketing materials for senior portraits. Whether you print your senior photography welcome magazines or send them out to potential clients as a PDF, here are six things you’ll want to make sure to include:

  1. Photos
    Include a variety of your best senior photos from your portfolio including hobby photos, casual portraits, and classic cap and gown photos as well. When considering which photos to feature, choose photos that show off your best work and represent your ideal clients. For example, if you want to target seniors who are interested in dance, feature senior dance shoots. If you want to expand your portfolio to include more senior boys, show photos of senior boys. If you don’t have many photos of ideal clients, consider setting up a styled shoot to get more images for your portfolio!

  2. Location Ideas
    Seniors love dreaming up different locations for their shoot, but it can be tricky to find the perfect setting. Get their creative juices flowing by giving them a few ideas of locations that would be great for a shoot. Reassure them that you’ll help them find a great spot if they can’t come up with one on their own.

  3. How to Avoid Common Mistakes
    Everyone wants to look their best in front of the camera -- especially for a once-in-a-lifetime occasion like taking senior portraits. Give them a few tips on how to make things go smoothly -- outfit or color ideas that photograph well and won’t wash them out, some suggestions on what to make sure they bring to the shoot, etc.

  4. What Makes You Stand Out as a Photographer
    Let's face it -- the photography industry is so saturated. Tell your potential clients what makes you different from other senior photographers out there. Show off your style, your experience, and your personality!

  5. Testimonials
    Include your best testimonials with a photo to go along with them. Don’t just feature general or generic testimonials that say things like, “We loved working with you!” -- the most powerful testimonials tell WHY they loved working with you.

  6. What to Expect From the Session
    Outline what each senior can expect from working with you. Tell them roughly how long a session takes, how many outfits to choose, how many photos they’ll receive afterward, and other logistics. Letting potential clients know what to expect can help the session run more smoothly. 

An amazing senior photography brochure will help you proudly display exactly what you have to offer and make them feel more comfortable about booking with you. With the help of a well-designed, helpful magazine, you’ll be able to start booking senior portrait clients in no time.

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