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E-mail marketing is very popular because it can bring you a really huge return on your investment.  Plus, it’s a great way to make sure your audience is actually seeing what you’re putting out there for them.  As I’m sure you’ve discovered by now, when you post on social media, people don’t always see what you post. Send e-mails will give you more chances for people to see your content. 

But the big question is, what do I send people in an e-mail?

In this blog post I’ve outlined 7 things you can send to people on your e-mail list. If you're looking for pre-written e-mails you can click here for a done-for-you solution. 

1) Use Email Marketing to Share Your Social Media Status Updates

If you want drive more people to your social media posts then send an e-mail and tell them to go check out your latest post on your facebook page, or ask them to follow you on Instagram. This is a particularly useful strategy if you are still trying to grow your followers on social media. 

2) Use Email Marketing to Promote Your Blog Posts for Your Photography Business

Maybe you just posted images from a recent session.  Send out an e-mail and tell people that the photos from your latest session are on your blog and give them the link. Or if you're a member of the photographer's pre-written blog post subscription plan, you can send out an e-mail each time you upload a new blog post.  



3) Use Email Marketing to Educate Your Photography Clients

Providing education before your photo session can be a huge time saver and make things go more smoothly at your session. It can also cut down on your time answering common questions. Send out an e-mail with what they can expect during a session with you or some answers to frequently asked questions.  You could even send a link for them to download your most current photographer welcome guide

4) Use Email Marketing in Your Photography Business to Stay in Touch with Your Clients

It's important that you stay in touch with your clients so that when they are ready for their next session, or when they have a friend who needs a photographer, you will be first on their mind!  You can send out a monthly newsletter as a way to stay in front of them each month. 

5) Advertise New and Upcoming Photography Sessions with Email Marketing

If you're planning for an upcoming mini session or holiday sessions, send out an e-mail and let your clients know. 


6) Are You Teaching Photography? Use Email Marketing to Advertise Your Photography Classes.

Are you planning to teach a photography class to make additional income in your photography business? Send out an e-mail to your clients. Maybe they would like to learn how to use their camera for an upcoming vacation, or maybe they have a friend who wants to learn how to use their camera. This will help establish you as even more of an expert.  It's also a great way to gauge interest if you're uncertain about teaching photography. You can send out an e-mail and ask them if they're interested to reply back to you. 

7) Use E-mail Marketing to Collect Feedback from Your Clients

Did you just finish a photo session? You can send an e-mail right after the session. First, thank them for the session, let them know when to expect their photos, and ask them how they liked the session? You may receive some feedback to feature on your client testimonial page. 

8) Use clear and Compelling E-mail Subject Lines:

The subject line is the first thing your audience will see, so it's important to make it attention-grabbing and relevant to the content of your email. Consider using actionable language or including a limited-time offer to encourage your audience to open the email.

9) Keep Your Email Visually Appealing

As a photographer, you have the advantage of being able to showcase your work through high-quality images and graphics. Use these to make your email more engaging and visually appealing.

10 ) Save Time with Email Marketing Templates for Photographers

If you want to save time, you don't have to start with scratch. Use e-mail marketing templates for photographers. You can use pre-written email text or pre-written photography email newsletters. 

Don't have time to write your e-mails or don't know what to say in your e-mails? 

Email Marketing Templates for Photographers

My Pre-Written E-mail Subscription for Photographers will help save you so much time by providing you with a done-for-you solution. Simply upload your e-mails and send.

Go to this link here to find out more about the subscription and access your ready to send e-mails. 

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When you purchase the Pre-Written E-mail Subscription for Photographers you will receive a set of four e-mails each month. 

email ideas for photographers

You will receive:

  • One Monthly Pre-Written Newsletter
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