Start a Photography Business: How to Get Photography Clients

How to Get Photography Clients

Getting photography clients is not always easy, especially when you're just starting a photography business. You might be really good at network marketing and getting a lot of potential photography client meetings on your calendar, but you're not sure how to get them to book with you and seal the deal.

Here are my top 3 things to keep in mind when booking clients. 

1) Don't be pushy. 

If you're too pushy and trying to get people to sign your photography contract sooner than later, this could send up a red flag or make you appear desperate. Most people won't want to book with someone who is comes across as desperate for the booking. 

Instead, offer to answer any questions your potential clients may have. And try to provide helpful information to them even before they sign on the dotted line. 

how to get photography clients

There are some times when having a time sensitive sign up bonus or incentive can be good to give people that little extra nudge to book with you, especially if you're a vendor at a wedding trade show. For example, you could offer a trade show attendee sign up special that's good for up to 48 hours after the show if they sign up for a specific wedding photography collection or package. 

Be sure and keep the follow up light and friendly.  

2) How to Get Photography Clients When Starting a Photography Business: Make sure there's nothing in your contract to stop them from signing up. 

One thing that I always recommend including in your photography contract is the approximate time it takes to deliver the final images or proofs to your clients. Make sure that the turnaround time isn't the one thing that is causing people not to book with you.   

Nowadays with technology people are used to getting things quickly. If getting your files to your clients is taking longer than you'd like, consider outsourcing editing or even culling of your images. Or at the very least offer a sneak peek of a handful of images to your clients soon after the shoot. They don't have to see all the images, but showing a select few will give them satisfaction and also excitement as they look forward to the rest.

how to get photography clients


3) How to Get Photography Clients When Starting a Photography Business: Have Reviews and Client Testimonials Ready.

Reviews are so important these days. It's one thing that can make the difference between a client booking with you over your competitor. If you don't have any client testimonials or reviews yet, ask your clients for them. Make sure your reviews are easily visible on your website. If you advertise on sites like Wedding Wire or The Knot and clients have left reviews on a third party website, take a screenshot or provide a link to your reviews. 

how to get photography clients

Bonus tip: Think quality over quantity. It may be tempting to think you need a large amount of bookings each year to have a successful photography business, but instead try limiting the amount of clients you book each year so that you can focus on providing high quality customer service to each of them. You may just find that limiting the number of clients you book and raising your prices so that you can dedicate more time to each client and make their experience a great one is a win-win for both you and your clients.  

I hope these tips have been helpful. Are there any other tips you have? I'd love to hear them!

how to get photography clients

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