Teach Photography Clients What to Wear

Along with understanding cameras and knowing how to create that perfect shot, a photographer also needs to fulfill several other roles and guiding clients on what to wear to a photoshoot is one of them. Being a designer, psychologist, and comedian are some of the others. Basically, you do whatever it takes to get the perfect shot.

Having a perfectly dressed client walk into a photo session is means you’ll have something new to add to your website or portfolio. Well-dressed customers also exude a natural confidence and make it easy for you to capture great shots but unfortunately, not all clients know what to wear when having their photos taken. With the right guidance and education, however, you can experience more fuss-free photoshoots.

You will have clients who know exactly what they want, making it easier to recommend specific clothing, hair, and makeup styles but there will be clients who really aren’t sure what they want their pictures to reflect so it’s up to you to help them figure this out in order to prepare for your shoot.

Sometimes the easiest way to guide clients is to show them. By creating a few Pinterest boards that clients can use for inspiration, you won’t always need to give the same suggestions to clients who are booked for specific shoots. Create boards based on shoot, location or theme to make it even easier to guide clients.

Below are a few additional, yet simple tips that you can give clients who are looking for guidance on their photoshoot wardrobe:

  1. Stay away from busy patterns and logos. Your clients are going to be displaying these photos around their homes so explain how busy patterns and logos can really distract from the main subjects of the photos. If they would really like to wear patterns, anyone else in the shot should rather stick to solid colors.
  2. Don’t overdo the matching. Those classic blue jeans, white t-shirt family photos are a thing of the past. You no longer need to wear matching clothing to get a good family photo, opt for complimentary colors instead. If your client would really like to wear matching items of clothing, suggest a few pops of color to break things up a bit.
  3. Work with your body. If you have a client who doesn’t like certain parts of their body, suggest as politely as possible that they cover those areas up. There’s nothing worse than a client being unhappy with their photos because they’re completely focused on a specific part of their body. For example, if a woman doesn’t like her arms, she should stay away from sleeveless shirts or dresses.

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