How To Make Your Photography Blog Posts Count!

The most important part of the blogging process is what happens after you hit publish. Here are a few quick tips to help you get the most out of your blog posts.

  1. Share across all social media channels – and continue to do so in the future. If your post is evergreen (meaning it contains content that can be applicable no matter the date), it can bring you important traffic year round.
  2. Split your post into sections to create multiple posts. If you have created a longer post consider splitting it into 2 or more posts to create mini posts. For example: a wedding post could be organized into ‘getting ready’, ‘ceremony’ and ‘reception.’
  3. Make it share worthy – include easy share buttons on your blog post to encourage readers to post to their social media networks too. Consider creating a Facebook group with complimentary vendors that you like to work with, where you each take turn sharing each other’s blog posts on your fb pages.
  4. Create a round up post. For example if there is a venue that you’ve shot at frequently you could create a post that features “top 5 shoots” at “x” location. Or most favorite engagement sessions of the year. You could also make a roundup posts of top tips for sessions.
  5. Make sure you are linking within your posts… there are times you may want to link to a website outside of yours, but only if it’s beneficial to you, for example if you’re sharing an affiliate link. The longer you keep your reader on your blog and engaged in what they are reading the better. If you link to other posts within your posts you can take them deeper into your blog, allowing them to find more information and get to know you better.

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