Can I teach a photography class if I don't feel like I'm an expert?


can I teach photography classes if I don't feel like I'm an expert

Every time I talk to photographers about why teaching a photography class is the PERFECT way to earn money in their slow seasons I get the same question...

"What if I don’t feel like I’m an *expert* at photography? Can I still teach a basic course?"

They tell me, "Well, I have a photography business, but I don't think of myself as an “expert.” I just write enjoy taking photos of my clients."

My answer to that?

Heck YES you can still teach a basic photography class. And here’s why...

Professional photographers are the PERFECT people to learn photography from and for two good reasons.

Reason #1: You're already consistently sharing beautiful photos with your audience through your blog, social media and website.

You don't need to be an "expert" to teach someone else. There will always be someone who is more knowledgeable than you on certain topics so teach what you know best.

In fact, many of your ideal students are going to be moms, retirees, hobbyists or maybe even some people who are in the exact spot YOU were in a few years ago. Those people think your knowledge is super valuable and useful, right?

Note: I’m not saying you should teach a basic photography class if you haven’t mastered the basics yourself yet such as shooting in manual mode. Instead I’m saying that you probably don’t give yourself enough credit for all you DO know about photography and how much that knowledge could help other people. 

Reason #2: They have seen your work and want to learn from you.

People will love learning photography from you because they feel a personal connection to you through your images.

They’ve no doubt found you from viewing your website, seen your photography portfolio or your blog. Maybe some are even your past (or future) clients. They know you can take amazing photos because they’ve no doubt found you from viewing your website, your portfolio blog. Maybe some of them are your past photography (or may even become your future) clients. And being able to learn something that they’ve been trying to do for YEARS... from someone who feels like a friend?

Well, that’s HUGE. And it’s a big reason why you can start teaching a basic photography class in no time.

All you need is the right tools to get your started.


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