Increase your holiday revenue in your photography business

By the end of the year photographers are tired and ready for a long winters nap but before you overdose on fudge and holiday cheer, increase your revenue with these holiday marketing strategies and ride into the New Year on a sleigh full of holiday profits.  Let’s take a look at the who, what, where and when of holiday shopping.    

Who is on the shopper’s gift list?

Consumers not only buy for the endless list of family, friends, co-workers, hairdressers and UPS drivers during the holidays, they also buy for themselves. In fact, the NRF says the average shopper will spend $237 on “self-gifts” this holiday season.

What will shoppers buy?

Not surprisingly, discounts and lower price points will drive consumer sales. However, buyers are not only looking at the price – they are also looking for quality. The mix of quality items at discounted prices will be a formula for a successful season.

Where will shoppers buy?

Online shoppers will include 60 percent of holiday consumers. In addition, shopping on smartphones is expected to increase especially in the 25 to 34 age demographic. Is your website ready for e-commerce sales on tablets and mobile? 

When will shoppers buy?

Four in 10 shoppers (40.4 percent) start shopping for the holidays before Halloween. 40.9 percent of shoppers will start spending in November with 15.5 percent rushing for deals at the beginning of December, according to the NRF survey.

Strategically step into the holiday spirit

Utilize the holiday season to generate buzz for your business. Shoppers are usually more open to working with new companies or new brands when they find the “perfect gift.” The heightened emotional state of customers/clients during the holidays will help you close more sales than at any other time of the year. So, how do you maximize your sales potential?

Email a holiday gift guide to your clients.

Think of the guide as your version of the much anticipated Neiman Marcus holiday catalog. Create a magazine full of gifts personalized with client’s recent photographs. Photographs are passed down through generations and enjoyed every day. Focus on the quality of the gift; these aren’t scented candles that will be re-gifted.

Benefits of holiday gift guides:

  • Deepens the client/business relationship by reminding clients of the amazing work you provided to them this year.
  • Provides personalized gift ideas that can be treasured for generations.
  • Highlights your easy online checkout process.
  • Increases your company’s professionalism in the eyes of clients.
  • Success tip: coordinate delivery of the guide with Black Friday sales for an additional boost of web traffic and revenue.

Types of photography products to include in the magazine:

  • Photography session booking specials
  • Gift cards
  • Wallet sized photographs
  • Holiday cards
  • Larger framed or canvas prints

Upsell products to customers during the holiday season.

Choose items that you’ve already spent time creating (such as a family photo) and focus on selling complimentary items. Stay away from albums or custom design work. Keep it simple like a frame, a canvas or a set of prints.

Tips for upsell success:

  • Market your holiday card designs by choosing a photo and a design to engage clients in the buying process.
  • Print your holiday gift guide to give out at photo shoots to plant the upsell seed.  

Reward your customers with special perks.Create bundle deals, throw in an extra set of wallets and offer discounts on holiday card sets. Send discount codes to your best customers and reward them for being loyal.

Start offering gift cards.The most popular (and easy) gift is a gift card. Think of the gift card as an opportunity for lead generation and potential new clients. Encourage shoppers to think about graduation and senior portraits, wedding photos and newborn shoots. A photography gift card represents life experiences and lasting memories – instead of a new sweater from a department store.

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