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Photographer Marketing Tip - Have a Weekly Themed Day

I received an e-mail from a photographer who recently subscribed to the pre-written blog post subscription for wedding photographers.  She told me how she loved that the blog posts save her time, because not only is she a photography business owner, but she is also a homeschool mom of three! 

She shared with me how she is using the blog posts in her photography business. She takes one post per week from the wedding blog subscription and each Wednesday features a "Wedding Tip Wednesday" on her blog.

Having a "themed" day of the week takes the guess work out of wondering what you will post to your blog or social media on that specific day.  It also helps your followers know what to expect and when to look for it. This provides consistency to your followers, and consistency for Google.  (Think about this... if you're not consistently booking clients, chances are that you're not consistently marketing your photography business.) 

The best part about this it is that she can now schedule her "Wedding Tip Wednesday" post in advance on her blog and social media, and schedule an email to go out to her subscribers every Wednesday. 

This helps her:

  • Provide valuable content for her followers
  • Position herself as the expert in her area
  • Keep her brand in front of her audience
  • Bring visitors back to her blog and website so they can ultimately schedule a consultation or book with her

This could work with most any genre of photography. For example, if you're a Personal Brand Photographer, you could use the posts from one of these bundles and create a Tips Tuesday.

Or if you're a family photographer, you could easily take create a "Family Photography Friday" and a  "Tips Tuesday".  With the pre-written blog posts for family photographers

The trick is to have your email and social media point everyone back to your blog.. Be sure to have links within each blog post that send people to your portfolio, your lead magnet or your calendar so they can book a consultation with you.  It's all about getting visitors on your website to take the next step in their customer journey with you. 

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Or if you're a wedding photographer...

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