How to Get Photography Clients Fast in February.  

photography marketing ideas for february

Do you find yourself wondering how can I get more photography clients this month? Then these photography marketing tips are for you!

1.  Start with Popular Holidays

What I like to do is look at the calendar of all the different holidays and see how I can can craft a marketing message around the specific holiday. We all know February is Valentine's Day, so that's the big one. Valentine's Day is great for kids and family photographers because they can offer themed mini sessions. But you don't necessarily have to specialize in family portraits to make this holiday work for you.  You can have a Valentine's Day promo if you're a wedding photographer too!  You can send out an email to promote engagement sessions to your engaged couples. 

Headshot photographers can take advantage of this too simply by running a special Valentine's Day offer.  If you're a headshots photographer you can offer a special Valentine's day pricing package. Or think about possibly offering updated headshots for singles who might want to update their social media profile or profile on dating websites.  Basically any type of photographer can use Valentine's Day to promote a special or to promote people come in to get their photos taken, you just have to think of the right hook.

2.  Try Themed Mini Sessions

For Valentine's day there are a variety of themed sessions that you can do. It doesn't have to necessarily be about love.  You can also check out this blog post that has 10+ ideas for themed Valentine's Day Mini Sessions. 

3.  Look for Designated Weeks

I also wanted to talk about designated weeks you may not have known about in February. They aren't actually holidays  but they're designated weeks. February 1st through the 7th is Women's Heart Week. If you photograph women, maybe you can have  a girls' night out event or makeover sessions. Then, February 7th through the 15th is National Marriage Week.  You could send out an email to your clients, and target married couples.  Promote a couples photo event such as an engagement shoot or just a portrait session for their marriage. The week of February 18th through 22nd is designated Random Acts of Kindness Week. For this week think about sending out an email letting everyone know it's Random Acts of Kindness, and maybe they want to donate a photo session to one of their friends or family members as a random act of kindness. It's all about thinking outside the box and taking a week or special day and tie it in to promoting your photography business.

4.  Look for Unique Designated Days

There are some days in February besides Valentine's Day that I thought were interesting. February 20th is Love Your Pet Day. So for those of you who are pet photographers, think about promoting this day and offering a special session for pet owners to bring their pets into the studio. Or if you're a family photographer perhaps you want to encourage people to have photos taken with their pets on Love Your Pet Day.

Here are some other unique designated holidays during the month of February:

  • World Nutella Day (February 5th): Who doesn't love chocolate? Indulge your clients' sweet tooth by organizing photoshoots centered around everyone's favorite hazelnut spread. From Nutella-themed props to messy but charming close-ups of kids enjoying Nutella treats, this holiday provides a delectable backdrop for creative and fun photos.
  • International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day (February 23rd): Pet photographers, this one is for you! Partner with local pet stores and offer sessions that capture the dogs indulging in their favorite treats. 
  • National Umbrella Day (February 10th): Embrace the unpredictable February weather by organizing photoshoots featuring colorful umbrellas. Whether it's couples sharing an umbrella in the rain or children gleefully twirling them, this holiday provides a unique and visually striking theme for outdoor sessions.  Think of photos of children in raincoats and rain boots splashing in puddles.
  • National Pizza Day (February 9th): Combine two loves – pizza and photography. Collaborate with local pizzerias to create photoshoots that capture the joy of sharing a slice. From candid moments of families enjoying pizza to creative compositions involving pizza props, this holiday offers a slice of photographic fun.
  • Library Lovers' Month (February): Highlight the magic of books and reading by organizing photoshoots in libraries or bookstores. Whether it's children immersed in storytelling or couples sharing a quiet moment with books, this theme provides a unique and intellectual backdrop for creative photography.
  • World Marriage Day (Second Sunday in February): Capitalize on the month of love by offering special packages for couples on World Marriage Day. If you're a wedding photographer, reach out to past wedding clients and offer them a special "World Marriage Day" photo shoot to celebrate the bond between them. Consider offering couple sessions or engagement shoots to attract clients planning to tie the knot.

5.  Consider Special Events

Another big event that happens in February is the Super Bowl.  A lot of  sports fans and like to dress up in their favorite team colors, and even more so during Super Bowl season. Think about having themed Super Bowl photo shoot event.  This is something you can promote the entire month or even throughout the year during various sports seasons. 

Also, if you're a wedding photographer and have engaged couples, offer them a special engagement session wearing their favorite spots teams shirts and colors. 

I hope these ideas have been helpful for you. Let me know in the comments below if you are trying any of these. Or, let me know what ideas that you've tried or are planning to try for February.

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Mary Voigt
Mary Voigt

January 24, 2022

I will be doing all promotions for feb you are amazing. I am so blessed i found you and your ideas due to going threw a tuff marriage this has lifted me up thank you so much.

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