How to price your photography classes

Teaching Photography: What should I charge for my classes when I teach photography?  

After you've decided on a curriculum for teaching photography, the next thing you will need to decide is on pricing. There are several factors that you should consider when deciding what to charge for your photography classes. Deciding on the pricing for your classes is a bit like determining the prices for your photography business.

Start by identifying your end goal. For most photographers, this will probably be income. Here are a few ways that you can achieve this goal:

  • Charge a fee for classes
  • Clients that attend one of your classes might be looking for a photographer
  • Offer affiliate products to clients

Pricing your photography classes

Before you set your prices, first decide on exactly what you want to offer. For example, if you would like to teach photography to kids and host a weekend workshop, you could charge a higher price. You could also charge a little more for private lessons as this would be more exclusive. If you want to offer an after school photography club at a school that will let you use a space for free, you could charge a lower fee. Whatever you decide to offer clients, remember to factor in the cost of renting space, printing materials and your time.

Your area and your market are other factors to consider when setting your class prices. Regular photography classes are generally priced between $79 and $99 while more boutique classes could go up to $250 because they usually include lunch and a goodie bag.

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Photography Classes Cost

There are some additional things that will factor into the cost of your photography class. 

Production Costs:

You will want to include any costs that are connected with creating and delivering your class, including photography curriculum printing of materials, any props or rental fees. For example if you are renting a studio or location to host your class you will need to include those costs. Also, if you are teaching photography online and will need specific software for hosting the online class you will need to make sure those costs are covered as well to make sure your class produces a profit. 

Teaching Photography Classes as an Incentive

Photography classes are also a great incentive and can be used to make more sales. It’s all about being creative in how you present and position your offerings. Offer customers a discount on one of your classes when they spend a certain amount or offer a free photography class to customers who purchase your premium products. Keep in mind that your customers do need to be interested in photography as a hobby for this incentive to work.

In order to promote your photography class incentive, get in touch with a few local newspapers or radio stations as they are always looking to promote interesting offers and deals in the area, very often for free, giving you a great opportunity to bring more people through your door. Once the customers come to you, you’ll have the opportunity to up-sell them. Fast food restaurants use this tactic quite often by promoting their $0.99 menu or coffee so that they can get more customers through their doors and hopefully sell them additional products. 

Another way to draw people in is to offer them a discount of sorts, a two-for-one special being a good example. Bring a friend to receive a discount! 

Photography classes are a great opportunity for you to generate more sales by offering attendees exclusive discounts on your services and products. Place your discount cards or offers in a small goodie bag that you can hand out to each attendee. Include a few cute products in your goodie bags such as branded camera stress balls, pens or even flash drives to add that extra special touch and as a way to advertise your studio.


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